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Sure! We could say our service is great! But, don't take our word for it. Here are the testimonials of our previous/current customers/students. Take a look!!!

2014 Student / Customer Reviews

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Thank you for choosing MABMA Enterprises, LLC to meet your training and professional needs. We value your opinion of our service to you and invite you to share your training and/or other experiences with us by taking a brief moment to write a review of those services. Your review will help us better serve you and the many students, clients, customers, and businesses that we serve or seek to serve. As a customer of MABMA Enterprises, LLC, you deserve the best and nothing less. Help us as we strive for our "No Excuses. Just Solutions." goal in providing passionate, relevant, lively, and affordable service that you deserve. Please, 'LIKE' our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @MABMAENT. Thank you.

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Other Previous Reviews

John J.

Security Training - August 2014

Review: Course was a great course and exceeded my expectations. The most valuable part of the course was Instructor Brown teaching about safely handling of a firearm. Even with replica handguns, Instructor Brown safely handled the replica firearms as if they were real. A great course. 

F. Gil

Security Training - April 2014

Review: Instructor Mike Brown was an instructor for a different security training company. Mike taught the security course that exceeded all of my expectations. The most valuable part of the course was Instructor Mike's emphasis on the safety aspects of the job and the importance of law in armed security. The course was fast-paced so students are reminded to study the materials given. The course was fun and straight-forward. Instructor Mike makes the teaching personal by sharing his in-depth, specific, extensive professional and personal experiences in relation to the topics and situations we might experience on the job. I found this to be very helpful. I thank him for sharing his experiences.

William Hernandez

Security Training - April 2014

Review: Instructor Brown was my instructor for the whole unarmed and armed security course with another security company's academy in Chicago. Mike's teaching exceeded my expectations even though there were technical difficulties with some paperwork. Hey. Nothing's perfect, but Mike made it work. Simply put, Instructor Brown was the best instructor I ever had. The most valuable part of the course was learning about the laws. KEEP INSTRUCTOR BROWN!!!  

Reggie Thompson

Security Training - August 2014

Review: This class definitely exceeded my expectations. Mike uses real world examples in his teachings. I found the law portion of the course most valuable in my training experience. You should take his courses. Thanks!

Keoshia J.

Security Training - August 2014

Review: I enrolled in this course during the weekend Instructor Brown posted a weekend special for Armed Security Courses at $100.00. This was great and affordable. The class exceeded my expectations. Mike had a great knowledge of armed security and firearms usage. The handgun training and demonstrations how to use the firearm and the natural standing positions were the most valuable parts of the course. I had never really fired a gun before. Mike made me feel comfortable and confident. Mike motivated me to tackle an incoming threat to my life and to others as well. If I had a question, Mike responded well and provided examples that were relative to the question. I was really proud of myself after the course. No one else took advantage of this weekend course. So, I had the benefit of direct instruction. Glad I took this course. 

Robert C. Leach

Security Training - August 2014

Review: This course exceeded all expectations, was well presented, and taught. Any questions I had were well explained, defined and demonstrated. The entire course was valuable. The only suggestion I had on how this course could be improve is that Instructor Brown continue to teach the course as is.

Eric Torness

Security Training - August 2014

Review: This course, the class location, materials, and content exceeded my expectations. Mike was very knowledgeable and had good motivation. He was on pace with everybody in the course. The most valuable part of the course was the "Knowing the Law" section. Being an Indiana resident, it'd be nice to learn a little Indiana law. Again, a great course. 

Carlos Bonilla

Security Training - August 2014

Review: This course exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot about the law I didn't know before. The course was very interesting.

Nathaniel W.

Security Training - August 2014

Review: I took the Unarmed and Armed Security course in one week. This course was above my expectations in the course content, pace, books, and the location. Mike had excellent knowledge of the subject matter. Every question I asked, he answered in a professional manner. I found that learning about the new techniques in firearms handling the most effective. Instructor Mike has a great personality. Mike, keep doing what you do and grow with each class. There is always room for improvement in everybody and everything. 

C. Johnson

Security Training - September 2014

Review: This course was very relative to current events/times and very informative to the knowledge of self-defense and the profession of a private security officer. Instructor Mike was well-mannered and the course exceeded any expectations that I may have had (all positive) indeed. 5 stars. The most valuable part of the course was the whole course, especially the Knowing the Law section. Mike was an awesome teacher, instructor, etc. and I have learned more that I intended to learn taking this course with MABMA. Thank you.

Angelo D.

Security Training - September 2014

Review: The extended knowledge of the instructor in all scenarios of law enforcement was the most valuable part of the course. Keep up the good work, Mike! His animated teaching style make learning easy and simple to grasp. This course exceeded my expectations. 

E. Vergara

Security Training - September 2014

Review: This unarmed security course and instructor exceeded my expectations. Lots of good hands-on training. No changes are needed. 

Jennifer G.

Security Training - September 2014

Review: I took this unarmed security class at night. The class exceeded my expectations. The instructor knows his stuff and does an excellent job of making sure the students knows the necessary information and tools upon exiting the class. The detailed information was the most valuable part of the course. I came to class not really interested. By the end of the day, I was looking forward to coming back the next day.

Thank you for your reviews!!!

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