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MABMAENT Student Tuition, Registration, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Prices are subject to change without notice. Classes are subject to cancellation without notice. Course tuition is due no later than one (1) day prior to the first day of the course unless other arrangements have been made with MABMA Enterprises, LLC (MABMAENT). A student’s registration holds a reserved seat for a student in a specific class, and is NOT REFUNDABLE. Students who pre-pay for a course must attend that course on the scheduled course start date, regardless of the manner/method of course registration/payment. If a student is unable to attend a course date due to a verifiable emergency or circumstance suitable to MABMAENT or if the course is cancelled to no fault of the student, the course tuition paid may be credited to a different class date. Should a course be cancelled to no fault of the student, the student must attend the rescheduled course on the date of the beginning (first date) of the applicable cancelled/rescheduled course, regardless of the manner/method of course registration. Failure to attend a pre-registered/pre-paid/scheduled/rescheduled course on the scheduled course start date without prior notification to MABMAENT and MABMAENT acceptance of any reason provided for non-attendance will result in forfeiture of one’s seat and prospective student will be subjected to repayment for continued course attendance. By using this online registration option, the prospective student / student affirms understanding of, and agreement with, the above course tuition, registration, cancellation, and refund policy of MABMA Enterprises, LLC. 

MABMAENT Student Rejection and Retraining Redemption Policy

It is the policy of MABMA Enterprises, LLC. (MABMAENT) to reject students of MABMAENT training courses who cause or commit the following, but are not limited to, continual classroom disruptions, commit single severe or multiple safety violations, shows the inability to meet any MABMAENT or other training regulating body training standards (in either pre-class or in-class instruction), commits or involved in a physical altercation, and/or is unresponsive to the training/shows indifference to the course instructor/MABMAENT Staff.

MABMAENT Firearms Student Non-Compliant Student Policy

It is the policy of MABMA Enterprises, LLC. (MABMAENT) to conduct all firearms live range and in-class practice exercises with the safety of ALL PERSONS at the foremost concern of MABMAENT Administration and Staff’s minds in practice and performance. In an effort to achieve this end, the following shall be the procedural policy with non-compliant MABMAENT students in ANY firearms exercises whether in classroom or firearms range location(s) with live and/or inert firearms:

FIRST OFFENSE – A firearms instructor, upon noticing a first violation, will address the violation, depending on the type of violation, and provide corrective instruction.

SECOND OFFENSE – A firearms instructor, upon noticing a second violation, will sternly address the violation, depending on the type and severity of the violation, and provide further corrective instruction. At this stage the instructor may employ the option of excusing the student from the range for remedial instruction and, thereafter, provide the student another opportunity to complete the live firearms exercise(s).

THIRD OFFENSE – A firearms instructor, upon noticing a third violation, will, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, excuse the student from the firearms range. The offense severity will determine whether additional opportunities shall be granted an ejected student, provided the ejected student receive mandatory remedial firearms safety and any additional applicable training deemed necessary by the firearms instructor or administrative staff of MABMA Enterprises, LLC.

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing stated in this Firearms Student Non-Compliant Student Procedure (policy) shall be used to construe that a firearms instructor of or contracted with MABMA Enterprises, LLC must follow the “First Offense, Second Offense, or Third Offense” chronological order herein. The severity of the committed offense and the totality of the circumstances shall be the determining factors in the decision by MABMA Enterprises, LLC staff to eject a student. Such a decision may be appealed in writing to Michael A. Brown, M.A., Principal Instructor/President of MABMA Enterprises, LLC, whose decision, in all matters, shall be binding and final.

MABMAENT Student Records / Examination Instrument Records Request Policy

It is the policy of MABMA Enterprises, LLC. (MABMAENT) to allow, subject to MABMAENT administrative approval, the applicable external company (your employer) point of contact (POC) to view any applicable student record(s) / examination instrument(s) after providing written notice and purpose of student training record(s) / training examination instrument(s) viewing. Upon request receipt an acknowledgement by MABMAENT, said external company POC, if approved, shall be allowed to view said student training record(s) / examination instrument(s) no earlier than five (5) business days after written notice receipt. No external company will be allowed to obtain any duplicate in any communicable form of any student training record(s) / examination instrument(s), as they are the proprietary property of MABMAENT and its subsidiary companies.

MABMAENT Regulatory Paperwork Submission Policy

It is the policy of MABMA Enterprises, LLC. (MABMAENT) to submit any applicable regulatory paperwork to appropriate agencies immediately provided that all monies owed for training services rendered by MABMAENT training staff are paid in full and the regulatory requirements, qualifications, etc. have been met at or above the standard set forth by the regulating body governing the course taken/taught.

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