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About MABMA Enterprises, LLC

In this economy, the great-paying careers can be hard to get into. They often require advanced education beyond the confines of life's realities that show that, more often than not, families begin before the pursuits of one's desired career can be actualized. However, there are occupational fields that provide short-term training and are often gateways into careers. Once a person desires to pursue their career path, familial and child-rearing duties (lack of babysitters or great distances from child care to job training), monetary shortages, and lack of transportation to go to the multiple job training, uniform, child care, and pre-employment ancillary sites. This often leads to job seekers providing understandable reasons that often prohibit one's desire to gain the employment skills to obtain meaningful entry-level employment. THIS is where MABMA Enterprises, LLC. comes in.

Founded in 2014 by native Chicagoan and US Army veteran Michael A. Brown, MA, MABMA Enterprises, LLC is unique in our mission and desires to be unique in operation. The vision of MABMA Enterprises, LLC is to empower people to gain the ability to control their rendezvous with destiny through provision of individual and corporate multi-occupational training and to support the aforesaid by further providing onsite temporary and long-term child (day) care as well as occupational uniforms, LiveScan fingerprinting and employment services, as well as security and investigational services...all in one location. Imagine a one-stop shop accessible to public transportation where one company foresees the most common excuses prohibiting good people from getting the training, clothing, pre-employment security checks, and one-site / onsite child (day) care and meets their excuses with solutions. If you can imagine this, you can imagine MABMA Enterprises, LLC: No Excuses. Just Solutions.

So, About the Tree...

The tree is a strong fixture in our world. With thick bark of various sizes, the tree still stands and can last for years. Though the leaves change and in some seasons whither away, the tree STILL stands tall. From the tree, we gain the knowledge that we, too, despite our seasonal trials and tribulations, STILL stand tall and are not so easily broken. The tree is also associated with education and the pursuits of and for it. Education equals empowerment: the mission of MABMA Enterprises, LLC.

“Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly. ” ― Arnold Edinborough

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